Mike Van Cleven

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Mike Van Cleven

Personal background 
Born and raised in Belgium. I was taught the secrets of the dark room by a pro. Made mistake after mistake but learned massively.

Abandoned my photography dreams at 19. Studied marketing. Worked at various FMG and sports/fashion brands.
Seized the opportunity to pursue my photography dreams again in my mid twenties, shooting editorials and commercials.

Lived from airport to airport, shooting on all continents. Discovering paradises in Central America and Polynesia.

Adapted towards film direction and production in 2004. Today focusing on fashion, lifestyle and commercial photography and film.

Personal style
Difficult to say, but in a nutshell: raw, unbalanced equilibrium, directed chaos, old-skool, filmic …

A technical aspect that’s typical for him/her
I like light. I like darkness. I love shadows.

My travels. And the people I meet along the way.

What does he/she reflect on once a day
I used to reflect on how precious life is. On how fast we live. On the ignorance of people. On how we humans are pretty much parasites on this planet.On how we are destroying life, day after day.

On how cool it would have been to live my twenties in the 60-ies/70-ies.
On … way too many things that can be looked at from a negative point-of-view.

Hence, I’ve stopped reflecting.

I live day by day.Seize every opportunity that comes my way and that I find interesting enough to take.
And enjoy what I’m able to call ‘my job’.

Earlier work
Name dropping galore: TAG Heuer + Harley-Davidson + Jeep + Kawasaki + Julia Diehl + Rodania + Toos Franken + Eastpak + O'Neil + Maxim Magazine + Braun + Monster Energy + Denim Mag + Reef + Stimorol + Mobistar + Hurley + City of Antwerp + Brugge Tripel + Bridgestone + Jeremy Lin + Cristiano Ronaldo + Michael Schumacher + Cameron Diaz + Valentino Rossi + Ken Block + Ian Walsh + G.E.M. + A.N.D.Y. + Dawn Olivieri + Lewis Hamilton + Nyemiah Supreme + Shameboy + Silverene + Raketkanon + The Prodigy + Maria Sharapova + Henrik Lundqvist + Kei Nishikori + Nic Von Rupp + ... But who cares about names?

With whom would he/she like to share an elevator
River Phoenix, but that’s very unlikely to happen …


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