Bram Declercq

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Bram Declercq

Personal background 

I always searched for self-expression.  Classical ballet, jazz dance, mime and even fire breathing.  You try to set a character on stage, transmit a message to your audience and hope to take them into your world.

The step from commerce to photography was not easy either, but a necessary one.  Another way to share a vision, a moment in time, an idea.  To lure the viewer in and give them a glimpse (yes, just a glimpse ? ) of what it is waiting behind the door.

Personal style

Black as a shadow, dark as the night.  It makes it easier to blend in and just look at the world.

A technical aspect that’s typical for him/her

No matter what, I will bite into it.


By life itself.  There are so many things happening around you.  You just have to open your eyes!

What does he/she reflect on once a day

I like to search structure in chaos and find chaos in structure.

Earlier work

Why look back if the future holds more interesting things.

With whom would he/she like to share an elevator

With you, to discuss our next project.  I need brain food!!!


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