Caro Deraedemaeker

Caro Deraedemaeker

Caro Deraedemaeker

Personal background 
Part of two different worlds. Immediately after graduating as a nurse, Caro started Visual arts studies at Sint Lukas Brussels where she majored in Photography.

Personal style
Caro has a style that appeals to the fashion industry.  A mise en scène with a psychological depth to it.

A technical aspect that’s typical for him/her
Caro uses the model’s psychology to create her image. First she observes, than she takes away the model’s controle and tries to appropriate it, so she can show a side of the model the lens hasn’t seen before. Caro doesn’t bound herself to one kind of photographic technique. She loves to play with light in many different ways.

Alexander McQueen for his storytelling,  Viviane Sassen and Marcus and Piggot for their use of color, old medical images for the uncanny and of course instagram and her friends.

What does he/she reflect on once a day
What to make for diner.

Earlier work
Knokke fotofestival 2016, Charlie Magazine 2018, Laurence Devallez 2018

With whom would he/she like to share an elevator
Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola and Hayao Miyasaki and she would ask them what they would like for diner.

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