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Mayli Sterkendries

Personal background 
Graduated from the Art School of Bruges in Video and Photography. After I moved from the seaside to this city, I studied photography for two more years at Sint Lucas School of Arts in Ghent.

Personal style
Worm's eye view with a mix of bright colors and black and white with a fine grain layer 

A technical aspect that’s typical for him/her
I love to work with daylight and I'm not always following the rules of photography. Just like to play with different techniques. One of my quality characteristics is that I like to think that I can manage everything on my own.

Helmut Newton, Martinn Parr, Mous Lamrabat, Joel Meyerowitz, the people I collaborate with, my own ideas, fashionmagazines, videoclips and so many more

What does he/she reflect on once a day
How everybody is doing and if i still have enough food for the coming days -especially desserts-

Earlier work
Expo La Vitrine Jette 2018, Lina Maria 2018, TANK Brugge 2016, Kunstenaar van de maand 2015, Zebrastraat Gent, Notebook Nvt Gallery Gent 2015, Urban Outfitters 2015, Redbullawards Brussel 2015,...

With whom would he/she like to share an elevator
Jonah Hill would be my first choice if I had to choose someone to share an elevator with. If we would get stuck, I would at least be having fun. He's so hilarious”.


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