Thomas Nolf

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Thomas Nolf

Personal background 
I studied Social Policy and Philosophy but eventually found out that only with photography I can both travel the world and in my mind.

In this win-win situation I’m interested in people who are totally passionate about their work and interests but stay critical to themselves and the world.

Personal style
I'm not chasing a personal style. I'm only trying to express my inner self. In that way it’s my intuition that chooses my style. And that’s raw, committed, narrative, intimate but also distanced.

A technical aspect that’s typical for him/her
I’m not bad in making a turkey in the oven for you

Anything that can be found in the movie ‘Caro Diaro' of  Nanni Moretti: the outskirts of Rome, simple but delicious food, motor scooters and islands, soft weather and self sufficiency.

But also actors in ‘criminal underworld movies’  such as Dennis Hopper in My American Friend, Al Pacino in Carlito’s Way and all Steaven Seagal movies.

What does he/she reflect on once a day
About shooting an ad campaign for a not yet identified cowboy boot brand.

Earlier work
Keytrade Bank, Payconiq, Balthazar, Warner Bros, Future Footwear Foundation,
And I also made a book on Bosnian Pyramids (yes they exist)

With whom would he/she like to share an elevator
With you of course.


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